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We can help you excel at Karate, Washinkai Karate is a comprehensive and 'complete' style taught by Karate experts.


Whether you want to just train, get a black belt, learn self-defence or just want to try something different then we can help you achieve your goals, plus its a great way to keep fit!


The Honbu is so much more than a Karate club, you will meet some great people and make some new friendships. You will belong to one of the fastest growing groups in the West.

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Why The Honbu?

Here are some reasons to choose The Honbu


Dedicated Dojo

We have our own fully matted, functional full-time dojo. This means we can cover all parts of the syllabus and train when we need to.


Comprehensive Syllabus

Throws, Locks, Takedowns, Ground work, there is more to Karate than just kicking & punching.

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Specialised Classes

We have classes to suit all ages and abilities, from 4 years to 65+ years, our belief is you are never too young or old to start learning Karate.


Washinkai - Simply The Best

We believe in Washinkai Karate and feel it is one of the best systems in the world, even the JKF call it 'complete'!

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